Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teigens beauty day!!

Welcome all! I am blogging now( how exciting is this) . I am going to attempt to scrapbook 15 years worth of my children's lives!! wow I am thrilled!! My friend Jodi Jones, ( wonder of all things culinary and computerish) is helping me do this. Here is my first blog. What do you think??? pretty cool hu! I am computer illiterate so thank goodness there are people like her that know what the heck!

Teigen was less than thrilled to get a hair cut, but as you can see, it was time. To prove the point I put these lovely pigtails in for him complete with bows!!!

checking it out!!, What did you do to me mother!

Not so bad ??? DON'T TOUCH THE PRETTIES!!!

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  1. Way to go on posting to your first blog!! Its super fun- you'll love it!!